Jana Kramer is learning to trust her husband, Mike Caussin, again after the cheating scandal that rocked their marriage. 

Caussin entered rehab for sex addiction back in 2016 after admitting to cheating on the country music singer and “One Tree Hill” star with multiple women. 

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“I trust him today. He’s showing up today. He’s showing up as a father, he’s showing up as a husband and he’s living it with integrity,” said Kramer in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

“And I had to do my work to continue to trust him the next day after that. And to continue to see his growth and our growth together. I do trust my husband,” she continued. 

“Can [I say] 1000 percent? I don’t know if I can say that. I just … I trust my husband today.”

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The couple are parents to daughter Jolie, 4, and son Jace, 2. 

Kramer also explained how they intend to tell their children about the American football player’s past infidelities once they get older.

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“When Jolie gets to the age where she can Google, I don’t know what age that’s going to be, but we’re gonna sit her down,” she added. “And I actually, I have someone that I know, her dad cheated on her mom and they’re still married. She kinda told me how they did it, how they sat her down and I liked, it was just like, ‘Hey, this is, you know what Daddy did. But Daddy loves Mommy so much.’ … I want us to tell her before a friend tells her.”

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