Drake is sliding into the DM’s of an aspiring Nigerian artist.

On Saturday, a video of the artist, known as Hyzah freestyling on a street in Lagos went viral with the help of influencers and celebrities and reached the likes of the “Toosie Slide” rapper, who expressed his admiration for the young man.

Drake was so moved by Hyzah’s talent that he decided to follow his account, bringing the young man’s followers from just two people to nearly 77,000.

“Just yesterday i had only 2 followers only to wake up this morning to see Drake @champagnepapi following me,” Hyzah captioned a screenshot proving that Drake follows him on Instagram.

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“Thanks for the love & repost!! You guys are amazing!!” he added.

The rapper’s support didn’t end with just a follow.

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The 34-year-old also showed his support with a direct message.

“U are amazing,” Drake wrote to the singer.

As of Jan. 11, Hyzah has 80,000 Instagram followers and counting. In one of many other videos posted since the sudden spotlight, he acknowledged his flow and gave further thanks for the support.