James Marsden is revealing how he didn’t have to pretend to be tipsy while filming a boozy karaoke scene in “27 Dresses”.

Marsden and Katherine Heigl perform a duet to “Bennie and the Jets” at a bar during the classic 2008 rom-com.

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The pair nailed the scene, but now Marsden is revealing why there wasn’t a lot of acting involved in getting it right.

The “Notebook” star joined Buzzfeed to read out some hilarious “Thirst Tweets” about himself.

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“I want to get drunk in a bar with James Marsden and then have sex in the back of his car. #27Dresses,” said wrote one eager fan.

“That was ’27 Dresses’ when we sang ‘Bennie and the Jets’ on the bar,” replied Marsden.

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“Funny story about that. That was the last scene we ever shot for ’27 Dresses’,” he recalled. “It was a night shoot, all night. Once that scene was finished the movie was complete. Katherine and I were like, ‘Maybe we should actually have a tequila shot or two.’ But it was just enough to make us comfortable.”

He added, “For the record, the scene in the back of the car was not that night.”