Anna Wintour On Kamala Harris Vogue Cover Controversy: ‘It Was Not Our Intention To Diminish The Importance Of Her Incredible Victory’

Anna Wintour has addressed the Kamala Harris Vogue cover controversy.

When the cover first leaked on Saturday night, it was widely criticized on Twitter, with many calling it “disrespectful.”

It was reported that the cover, showing Harris dressed casually and wearing Converse sneakers, wasn’t the one that Harris’s team had agreed to and that the photo in the blue suit was the one they were told would be used.

Photographer: Tyler Mitchell
Photographer: Tyler Mitchell
Photographer: Tyler Mitchell
Photographer: Tyler Mitchell

Vogue editor-in-chief Wintour said in a statement to the New York Times‘ “Sway” podcast: “Obviously we have heard and understood the reaction to the print cover and I just want to reiterate that it was absolutely not our intention to, in any way, diminish the importance of the vice-president-elect’s incredible victory.”

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The interview with the podcast was recorded before the cover leaked.

Wintour had previously told them about getting the vice-president-elect to pose for the magazine: “We’re very honoured that we have the current vice-president-elect on the cover, I think by the time we publish she will be the vice-president and obviously it’s a historic moment for women of colour, for America. It was an ongoing conversation for some time and obviously with everything that was going on with the election, we were thrilled that she would make the time for the shoot.”

Wintour added, “We very much wanted to have this cover around the time of the inauguration because we felt like it would be this moment of celebration and joy,” adding that her “favourite item of clothing” she was wearing were the sneakers.

She added that she thought the casual cover was “so charming, so relaxed, so surprising, and so real.”

Following Wintour’s statement, former Vogue editor at large Andre Leon Talley (took to Instagram to praise the image — and Harris’ style.

“It’s GREAT. JUST GREAT! GREAT,” said Talley of the controversial cover.

“She selected her personal wardrobe choices. Her work uniform with her ubiquitous Converse sneakers is aspirational,” he added. “I predict its going to set a trend for all young women all over the world, are going to dress like Kamala Harris. Not everyone evolves wishing to be a screen star, or a music vixen, or a Kardashian beauty empress. There are girls who will see in this cover, something wonderful.”

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