Tyler Cameron had quite the surprise for Bachelor Matt James on his new YouTube video.

Cameron told his pals in the clip that they’d be getting Brazilian bikini waxes in a bid to understand what girls on the show have to go through.

“We got waxed and we got wrecked,” Cameron wrote in the video’s description, with him and James drawing the unlucky straws and having to go first and second.

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Cameron told fans how the ladies had advised not to go for the white strips, but because he wanted the maximum amount of pain, he said he’d do one as well as the gel wax.

“I saw ’40-Year-Old Virgin’ and that looked painful, and that’s what I was going for,” he said.

After screaming his way through the treatment, Cameron then told James: “It’s a quick, excruciating pain, but you can get through it.”

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James has a similar reaction, yelling when the wax was ripped off.

The reality TV star even answered a call from his mom, with him whimpering down the phone: “I’ll call you back.”

See more in the clip above.