TikTok Star Avani Gregg Dishes On Relationship With Anthony Reeves: ‘Putting Your Drama Out On Platforms Isn’t Necessary’

TikTok stars Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves may be young, but they have good heads on their shoulders.

Gregg, 18, dishes on her relationship with Reeves, 19, in a new interview with Seventeen. The teen star details the importance of keeping their private life just that after the pair confirmed their romance in April.

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Avani Gregg. Photo: Ture Lilligraven/
Avani Gregg. Photo: Ture Lilligraven/

“When we started talking, we just didn’t feel the need to post. It’s like, ‘No, we actually like each other guys. We don’t care if you care. We like each other and we’re going to deal with it our way.’ I’ve been watching social media relationships my entire life and I’m just seeing people getting together, then breaking up over Twitter, and then getting back together and breaking up in a YouTube video,” she tells the publication.

“Putting your drama out on platforms isn’t necessary, because then that’s allowing them to give feedback on your relationship,” Gregg continues. “Behind the screen we’re living a really, really good life. And we just don’t really care if other people are part of that life.”

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Avani Gregg. Photo: Ture Lilligraven/
Avani Gregg. Photo: Ture Lilligraven/

Gregg also shares her deep appreciation for her followers.

“I’ve gotten a lot of messages saying, ‘You are the only reason that I’m here today.’ But you guys are the only reason I am here today,” she shares. “You never would think social media would take over your life, but it did, and I’m glad it did.”

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