Debra Messing is campaigning to play an iconic actress. After Deadline reported that Nicole Kidman is being eyed to play Lucille Ball in an upcoming Aaron Sorkin film, Messing made no secret of her want for the role. The 52-year-old actress previously embodied Ball’s “I Love Lucy” character during an episode of “Will & Grace”.

Once Kidman’s name was brought into the conversation, Messing began retweeting messages from fans who think she should land the part.

One tweet lamented that Kidman’s “NOT RIGHT FOR THIS PART,” while another wrote, “Love Nicole very much, but this is definatly [sic] the a part @DebraMessing was born for!!!!”

Other tweets pointed out Messing’s “identical” appearance to Ball, while another went so far as to say that the actress was “robbed” of the role.

“Debra is Lucy,” one person wrote, with many expressing similar sentiments.

When one person questioned if Messing was simply unavailable to take on the project, the actress denied that claim. “Oh no, I’m available,” she wrote.

Another Twitter user pointed out that Messing has previously referred to Ball as someone who’s “untouchable” to play, but the actress stated, “Ummmmmmmmm I changed my mind.”

According to Deadline, Kidman and Javier Bardem are being eyed to play Ball and Desi Arnaz respectively in Amazon’s “Being the Ricardos”, which Sorkin wrote and will direct.

The outlet reports that the flick is set during one production week of “I Love Lucy”, when Lucy and Desi face crises that could end their careers and marriage.

Watch the video below for more casting news.

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