Sacha Baron Cohen is spilling some behind-the-scenes secrets from “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”.

During a pivotal scene in the Amazon Prime Video sequel, Cohen, as Borat, dressed up like U.S. President Donald Trump to crash VP Mike Pence’s rally in Maryland.

But in a new interview with L.A. Times, the actor 49, revealed exactly how that scene successfully came about.

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“I’m often asked, ‘How does an actor prepare for a scene?'” Cohen began. “And I prepared by waking up at 1 a.m., driving to a motel, sitting in a chair for six hours while a prosthetics team changed my face to Donald Trump’s and then, yes, sneaking into CPAC and staying in a men’s lavatory for a number of hours.”

And during that time in the conference hall’s bathroom, Cohen says, “I had a phone, and I had one Coca-Cola. And I put little lines on the Coke bottle for how much I could drink per hour. In the meantime, I became familiar with the inner workings of the right-wing man more than anyone around. I know their diets. They need more roughage. It was a little too lively in there.”

Cohen later explained that if it wasn’t for Trump, he would not have made a sequel to the hit 2006 film.

“The new ‘Borat’ is really my form of peaceful protest,” he explained.

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But when the coronavirus pandemic shut the world down and put a delay on the movie’s release, Cohen says the world needed to see Pence dismissing the risks of the coronavirus during his CPAC speech.

“If this movie was going to be an indictment of Trumpism, I had to point to his biggest failure, which was his callous mismanagement of this crisis, leading to unspeakable death and catastrophe,” Cohen explained.

Amazon Prime Video released “Borat 2” on Oct. 23, just weeks before election day in the U.S.