Tori Spelling appeared on the latest edition of “Jeff Lewis Live”, airing on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy channel, and opened up about what it was like to grow up in one of the world’s largest homes.

Spelling’s father, famed TV producer Aaron Spelling, owned a home known as “The Manor,” a 56,500-square-foot mega-mansion that remains the largest personal residence in Los Angeles County.

Construction on the home was completed in 1988, so Spelling didn’t actually live there until she was “almost 19.”

“Did it feel like really like too big or were some of the rooms did, how did it feel like living there? Like how, how did it, what did it live like? Like were the rooms just too enormous?” asked host Jeff Lewis.

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“It was not. I mean, granted, we came from a house that was huge for me. Like now I would be like, wow, that’s a huge house,” she admitted. “When I was young, I didn’t know the difference. It was a 10,000-square-foot house, still huge, but very warm and cosy. The Manor was beautifully decorated. My mom has impeccable taste, but the rooms were large and it felt cold all the time. Just because physically, honestly, they were too big.”

Lewis ran down the specs —  123 rooms, including 27 bathrooms and 14 bedrooms.

“Damn, I think I only ever saw five,” joked Spelling, who confessed that “for me, it was big. I feel like our family and it was a family of four. My mom, my dad, my brother, and myself. We spent time in the kitchen, the office, my parents’ bedroom, in each of our bedrooms. That’s it.”

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“Okay. So there was basically 118 rooms you didn’t use. Okay. So how many people does it take to run a house like that? How many people were working on it?” asked Lewis.

“She probably had over 20 staff full time. Oh, or more? Wow. Imagine, imagine that water bill,” she added.

Spelling also told Lewis about the famed doll museum that her mom Candy Spelling hosted within the house.

“The doll museum you would have been fascinated with. That was, that was something,” she told Lewis.

“So growing up, my mom loved Madame Alexander dolls. Do you know them? They’re kind of not popular now,” she explained. “These dolls, very expensive, collectable. She collected them, started them with me. They came in this beautiful blue box, the type of doll you were like, I want Barbie. I want to dress her. I want to cut her hair. These dolls, you put them on a stand and you put them in a glass case.”

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According to Spelling, the dolls “were in my room growing up, various sizes of dolls with lights on them like they were artwork in a glass case that was locked in my bedroom. I could not play with, but I was terrified… Imagine just all staring at you while you slept. It was a little frightening. But then when we moved to the Manor, my mom built a doll museum. So she took all of her dolls, all of my dolls, and made this beautiful museum,” said Spelling of the “hundreds” of dolls that her mother eventually sold at auction.

“Did you get any of the proceeds because some of them were your dolls?” asked Lewis.

“That would be awkward. I feel like we had the conversation and they were already gone. But you know, I’m passive-aggressive minus the aggressive,” Spelling responded.

“You pick and choose your battles,” quipped Lewis, “So your mom technically owes you the money for the dolls, is what I’m thinking.”