When it comes to politics, Tim Allen has long leaned to the right.

While he’s discussed his support of President Donald Trump in the past, he’s definitely not in support of what took place last week, when  throngs of angry Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in an event that president-elect Joe Biden has termed an “insurrection.”

In an extensive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the “Last Man Standing” star shared his thoughts on what took place, admitting he found the whole spectacle to be “horrible, embarrassing and shameful.”

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“Why didn’t the powers that be go [to the Capitol]?” Allen asked. “When I was watching that, I felt that the president should have been a standup guy and go there with his security and say, ‘Hey, come on. No, no, no, no.’ Maybe they don’t allow that.”

Allen also believes the out-of-control mob that breached the Capitol Building likely had some inside help, and that some of those who entered may not have even realized they were committing a crime by entering.

“I’ve been there before and it’s impossible to get in that building,” Allen said. “I couldn’t get in, and I had credentials. They wouldn’t let us in. So who opened the door?” he said.

“I got to believe that people at the back [of the crowd] didn’t know that they had broken the door. They were going, ‘Oh look, they’re letting us in.’ There were 120,000 people outside that had no idea this was going on. [Ashli E. Babbitt] who was shot was not a radical, she was an Air Force veteran. Why was she shot? It’s so sad anybody got hurt over this.”

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Since the riot, Allen says that folks like him who lean toward more conservative viewpoints, “even by a variance of degrees,” are “in the closet now because of how shamefully that was handled,” he said. “It’s an embarrassment for anybody who just didn’t like [the Democratic Party]. So there’s nothing to say. It would be a great thing to see [president-elect Joe Biden] — and everybody wants him to do well — say, ‘That was a stupid thing, let’s move on, don’t keep harping on it.’ But I don’t think that’s going to happen.”