Anne Hathaway was really into Leonardo DiCaprio when she was a kid.

On Tuesday, the “Locked Down” star appeared on “The Tonight Show” and played a game of “Best, Worst, First” with host Jimmy Fallon.

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For the “first,” Fallon had Hathaway reveal her first celebrity crush, which she said was either Eddie Vedder or Leonardo DiCaprio.

Asked which era of DiCaprio it was, the actress replied, “Growing Pains,” though she first confused it with “Who’s the Boss?”

She added, “I remember being like, ‘Hi! Who’s that?'”

Also on the show, Hathaway talked about getting to shoot part of her new movie “Locked Down”, made entirely under quarantine, at the British luxury department store Harrods.

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“So the climax of the movie takes place in Harrods. I don’t know, is the short of it. I think it’s this 2020 thing,” she said, adding that the film’s writer and director approached Harrods and said, “We’ve got 40 pages and an idea but if you don’t say yes to our needing to shoot the finale of the movie in your store, there’s no point in us making it so, can we get a yes or no?”

She continued, “And Harrod’s said ‘Yes.’ And you would expect them to be like, ‘We have to call our lawyers, we have to run it through this, we have to do market research.’ But it was 2020, and they’re like, ‘You know what, why not.'”