Noah Centineo just wants to spread the love.

The “To All the Boys” star is featured in the new issue of GQ, and in it he admits he needs to be reminded that hugs are a no-go during the pandemic.

“Oh, right!” he says to writer Lauren Bans after offering a hug. “It’s so hard to remember not to hug.”

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The 24-year-old also talks about bringing that positivity to his political activism and his “F**k This, I’m Voting” campaign during the recent U.S. elections.

He explains that he wants to make his Gen Z fans look at doing good as “cool and f**king dope. That’s why we use expletives in our marketing.”

Since starring in the “To All the Boys” series, Centineo has accrued a big fanbase of girls and boys lusting after him.

“I have an ego,” he jokingly admits about being the subject of that affection.

Sometimes experiences with fans can be a little hairy, as happened once while he was waiting at an airport and discovered a man standing ominously behind him.

“It scared the s**t out of me!” Centineo recalls, adding that he asked the man about his flight, to which the person responded, “Oh, no, we didn’t fly. We came here for you.

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The man was there with another guy and three girls all waiting for Centineo, but thankfully his driver extracted him from the situation.

“He goes, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve driven Angelina Jolie. I know how to do this,’” the actor says. “I got lucky.”

All that said, Centineo loves his fans. “We’re all good,” he says. “I hug them when I see them.”