Rebel Wilson Says A Male Co-Star Once Asked Her To Put Her Finger ‘Up His A**’: ‘I Was Entrapped In A Room’

Rebel Wilson is speaking out about the time she was sexually harassed in a hotel room in a candid new interview.

The actress talks with former Royal Marines Commando Ant Middleton about the horrific incident, on the latest episode of Sky One show “Straight Talking”, set to air Thursday.

Revealing she was the victim of sexual harassment on two occasions, Wilson shares: “One was with a director in a hotel room, but nothing happened because, (this was in Australia), his wife called abusing him saying he was trying to sleep with me,” the Metro reports.

Wilson adds the second time was when a “male co-star asked me to put my finger up his a**.”

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She says the male co-star’s friends were watching and had their iPhones out ready to film it.

“Then he pulled down his pants and I was a bit entrapped in a room,” Wilson continues.

When asked whether she reported the actor, the “Pitch Perfect” star says: “I called my agent immediately and said this happened. We made an official complaint to the studio.

“But I’m such a professional that I was like, ‘well I’m still going to continue with the job. Which now I might not have.'”

Wilson adds she may act differently if such a situation were to happen again post-Me Too movement.

She tells Middleton, “Things that happened to me aren’t that severe, but I’m still scared of naming the people.”

During Wilson’s appearance on the show she also opens up about the time she was kidnapped at gunpoint in Mozambique.

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