Macaulay Culkin is joining fans who think one of his vintage movies should be 100 per cent Trump-free.

Culkin shared his thoughts on a Twitter user’s idea to edit Donald Trump’s brief cameo out of “Home Alone 2”, and replace the twice-impeached president with the modern-day, 40-year-old Macaulay Culkin.

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Meanwhile, another Twitter user ran with the idea and shared a brief video in which Trump had been digitally erased from the scene.

In “Home Alone 2”, Culkin’s Kevin McCallister is stranded in New York City’s Plaza Hotel, which at the time was owned by Trump (he sold it in 1995).

Meanwhile, a petition offered a similar suggestion, asking that Trump’s cameo be replaced with a cameo of president-elect Joe Biden instead.

“‘Home Alone 2’ is tarnished. It has a racist stain on it in the shape of Donald J Trump. I petition that he be edited out of the film and replaced with Joe Biden. Nothing ruins holiday cheer like a sexist, xenophobic, race-baiting bigot. For the sake of future generations, Trump must be replaced,” reads the petition.

“Please, save Christmas. Edit Trump out of this Hollywood classic,” the petition concludes.