“The Big Bang Theory” alums Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik make an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday.

Parsons opens up about how his father’s passing profoundly affected his outlook on life and shares how he’s been practising gratitude.

The Emmy Award winner also talks about his symptoms when he and husband Todd Spiewak contracted COVID-19 early in the pandemic.

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The actor shares, “We both had it. It was early, it was March 15 I think when it happened. I want to say we had a mild case because neither of us had anything bad fortunately happen, but the worst symptom in a way happened when we were a couple weeks into this and we were getting better, we both completely lost our sense of taste and smell.

“I only noticed it because I’d lit candles. If it weren’t so boring because there was nothing to do besides eat and drink, I would’ve been fascinated by it. It was like eating cardboard.”

Parsons adds of his outlook on life, “I’m really grateful for a really basic thing, which is that I’m alive. But I decided to go deeper with that, I’m trying to embrace all the bad moods or stomach aches, I’m grateful for those because those are signals that I’m alive.

“In all honesty we’ve talked a lot about death this year because of everything going on, and I do think without making this a sombre interview, I was profoundly affected by the death of my father who was only 52 when he went. I think I’m seeing that more and more the older I’m getting of how much that changed my view of both death and life.”

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Bialik joins the pair for a chat, with them discussing working together on their new show, “Call Me Kat”.

The former co-stars reveal how Parsons, an executive producer on the series, asked Bialik to star in the show, despite her admitting she has “annoying” tendencies.