Rob Schneider Pens Emotional Social Media Post Announcing The Death Of His Mother

Rob Schneider is mourning the recent death of his mother, Pilar Monroe Schneider.

In an emotional post to Instagram, “The Hot Chick” actor, 57, revealed his mom died Monday of natural causes at her home in California. She was 91.

“My mother, Pilar Monroe Schneider passed away peacefully after spending a perfect Sunday evening family dinner surrounded with loved ones at her side,” he wrote in a lengthy post.

Schneider also shared details about his mother’s life as a survivor of World War II from the Philippines, as well as her move to the United States and becoming a teacher. Pilar also acted alongside her son in a number of movies, including, “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”, “The Animal”, “The Hot Chick” and “Big Stan”.

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“There was never enough food during the war and her stomach bothered her for her nearly 92 years,” Schneider wrote. “The family survived because of Pilar and her ingenuity. Her mother and sisters sewed pyjamas from bedsheets and traded them with the farmers for sweet potatoes (kamotes), the ones that the Japanese didn’t steal from her.”

“Pilar not only survived, she thrived, getting her master’s degree as a reading specialist and was elected to the School board in Pacifica California getting more votes than Bill Clinton.”

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“Pilar spoke often of joining her beloved husband of 39 years, my lovely father, Marvin Schneider,” he concluded. “That day has come for them to be together. I am proud to be able to say that I am the son of Pilar Monroe Schneider.”

Pilar is also the mother of producer John Schneider, Stanley Schneider and April Schneider Farley. She has a number of grandchildren, including Schneider’s daughters, “Ex’s And Oh’s” singer Elle King, 31, Miranda Scarlett, 8, and Madeline Robbie, 4.

King shared her own tribute to Pilar on Instagram.

“Yesterday, Bita Babes danced her way into the great unknown. There was no one tougher, stronger, or more of a matriarch than my grandmother,” she wrote. “She used to fly from San Francisco to Ohio, pick me up, fly back, spend time with me for a week, fly me back to Ohio, and then fly home by herself. If that isn’t love and dedication, well I’m not sure what is. I will miss you dearly. We all will. But I’m glad that you and papa are finally together again, and fancy as ever. Rest in Power! Mahal Kita Bita! I love you forever and then some.”

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