Late-Night Hosts Lambaste Trump For Being 1st President To Be Impeached Twice

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021 will go down in history as the day that Donald Trump became the first president in America’s history to be impeached for a second time — and you’d better believe that television’s late-night talk show hosts had a field day roasting the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star.

On Global’s “The Late Show”, host Stephen Colbert lamented, “I feel like I just took down my decorations from the last impeachment!” 

Referencing Trump getting impeached mere days before Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next president, Colbert joked.  “Do you know how bad of a job you’re doing to get fired while you’re getting fired?”

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Jimmy Fallon also took some shots at Trump in his “Tonight Show” monologue.

Joking that Trump “basically made a pandemic sandwich with impeachment bread,” Fallon added, “Yep, 10 Republicans finally broke away from the president. Trump was so mad he started typing angry tweets about them on a calculator.”

Over on his show, Jimmy Kimmel asked if Trump was “tired of all the winning yet.”

“It’s always a surprise to see how crazy some of our elected officials are and that was fully on display today as they supported the sad, orange man,” Kimmel said of the Republicans who compared the siege at the Capitol to this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests.

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“Pushing this idea that the attack on the Capitol bore any resemblance to the BLM protests over the summer, it’s not just dumb, it’s disgusting,” said Kimmel. “Stop comparing protestors marching to protect their rights to anarchists storming an election to strip us of ours. Stop it, you sound stupid.”

Meanwhile, here’s how James Corden and Seth Myers reacted to Impeachment 2.0 on their shows.


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