Adrian Grenier gave his Instagram followers a NSFW show on Instagram.

The “Devil Wears Prada” star, 44, took a nude plunge into his pool this week, documenting his polar plunge, and the accidental flashing, on social media.

As a way to keep busy amid quarantine, Grenier has been practising a more healthy lifestyle, and according to the actor, cold plunges have a number of health benefits.

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Posting to his Instagram story, he wrote, “Health benefits of a cold plug… It boosts your immune system. It releases endorphins for a natural high. It improves your circulation. It increases your libido. It burns calories,” And finally, “It reduces stress.”

So before diving into his very own form of cryotherapy, Grenier set up his phone to capture the perfect polar plunge but fans got an extra eyeful.

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In another slide, Grenier revealed the pool was 32 degrees.

The video has since expired as it was posted to his Instagram story.

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