There was a very personal reason why Ben Affleck decided to don filmdom’s most famous cowl to play the Dark Knight.

“I did Batman because I wanted to do it for my kids,” he revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter‘s “Awards Chatter” podcast.

“I wanted to do something that my son would dig. I mean, my kids didn’t see ‘Argo’,” Affleck added.

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“Zack [Snyder, who directed ‘Batman v Superman’] wanted to do a version of the Frank Miller ‘Dark Knight’ graphic novel series, which is a really good version of that,” Affleck explained.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why things go the way they do in the movie business, and just because your face is on the poster doesn’t mean that you’re dictating all of those things — and even if you were, that they would go well,” he said.

There was, however, one serious perk to becoming the Caped Crusader.

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“I wore the suit to my son’s birthday party, which was worth every moment of suffering on ‘Justice League’,” he noted.

Affleck will be seen as Batman one more time, agreeing to make an appearance in “The Flash”, which is slated to debut in 2022.