Prince William and Kate Middleton recently made a video call to thank frontline works and counsellors.

Speaking to those from Hospice UK’s Just ‘B’ service, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge listened to how COVID-19 is affecting mental health.

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Mental wellness is a topic that that royal couple as very passionate about, even starting the Heads Together campaign which has acted as an umbrella for many other initiatives.

Through The Royal Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, they were able to help fund the hotline so services would always be available for those who need it most.

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During the call, a number of staff shared their own experiences with mental health and how services like Just ‘B’ have helped them.

“Never has there been a more important time to have services like this out there,” Kate said.

“Yes you need some courage to pick up the phone but once you’ve done that it is invaluable,” one of the ladies agreed.

“Something I noticed during my brief spell flying with the air ambulance team is when you see so much death and bereavement, it does impact how you see the world,” William said while expressing his concern over frontline workers and seeing “so much sadness.”

“It impacts your own life and your own family life,” he added. “It stays with you.”