There are some “big” fans of Anderson .Paak in the Obama Household.

The former President of the United States praised the musician in an Instagram video shared earlier this week.

In the video, Barack Obama gives him a shoutout alongside surfer Kelly Slater, during a game of golf.

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“Anderson, Kelly tells me you’re a friend. Love your work, man,” Obama, 59, said in the video. “Michelle does too. Most importantly, Malia and Sasha love it.”

.Paak, 34, then excitedly shared the video on his Instagram.”Not bad for a Tuesday 😎🤙🏾⛳️,” he casually wrote.

It’s not the first time Obama has shouted out .Paak — he’s actually included his music multiple times on his public playlists.

Obama featured .Paak’s collaboration with Rick Ross “Cut Em In” in his annual favourite music playlist for 2020.

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“As usual, I had some valuable consultation from our family music guru, Sasha, to put this together,” Obama wrote in his post. “I hope you find a new song or two to listen to.”

“.@BarackObama is hipper than me at this point,” the singer tweeted, sharing the news.

The two seem to have mutual respect for each other, with .Paak including references to the former President in his music. On his song “Left To Right,” he sings, “Real life, I know you miss me like you miss Obama / Real time, I been gettin’ busy with them commas.”