Jennifer Garner Has The Best Response To A Bikini-Clad Influencer Posing In The Snow

Jennifer Garner is proving herself as a queen of social media.

The actress, 48, was spotted in the comment section on Instagram of an Influencers in the Wild video featuring a model wearing a hot pink bikini posing in the middle of a snowstorm.

Garner went full mom-mode after seeing the hilarious clip, even offering some means for the model to warm up.

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“First of all, bless her heart,” she wrote, a moment caught by @commentsbycelebs. “Second, does she need soup? Hot chocolate? Some jeans? I’d like to help a girl out.”

Garner has regularly made headlines for her wholesome and hilarious moments on Instagram, including her baking videos, updates on her chickens and adorable dance videos.

Earlier this month, Garner shared this dance routine she performed with principal ballerina Tiler Peck in honour of her birthday.

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The adorable video caught the eye of some of Garner’s famous friends, including Chelsea Handler, who called her “the cutest person in the universe,” and Reese Witherspoon just loved the pure “JOY.”

She also shared a hilarious throwback from her time on “Dude, Where’s My Car”.

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