Jamie Lynn Spears Clarifies Comments About Tesla And The Death Of Her Cats

Jamie Lynn Spears is clarifying her comments over Elon Musk and Tesla vehicles after appearing to call them out over  “devastating and tragic” cat deaths. 

The former “Zoey 101” star shared a since-deleted Instagram video in which she said several of her pets have been killed during accidents involving her Tesla.

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“I know there’s much bigger things going on in the world right now, but somebody’s gotta let Elon Musk know that the Tesla is a secret cat killer and it’s a problem that we really got to fix,” she said in the video, via TMZ.  “We have now lost—I don’t even want to tell you how many cats.”

“Since the Tesla is so quiet, maybe he could like make one of those noises that bothers like cats or animal ears when it cranks up,” she suggested. “That way they know something’s happening and they aren’t caught off guard and things don’t end in a very tragic way.”

It looked like Spears was saying that she ran over her cats but she is now correcting that.

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“Not that it maters, but this is a bit misleading sooo just to clarify,” Spears wrote in a new Instagram Story.

She continued, “1) I did not run over any cats. 2) TESLA is not to be blamed, and was never intended to be. 3) User error is admittedly involved. 4) We always check for animals before moving vehicle. 5) I was only making a suggestion about something I think would be extremely helpful, and the geniuses at Tesla are the best to go to for said issue. xoxoxo.”

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She concluded, “Here’s ya quote…. ‘I friggin love my Tesla’ – Jamie Lynn Spears.”



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