Nicole Kidman made a virtual appearance on Friday’s “Tonight Show”, and shared an awkward anecdote from the set of “Big Little Lies”.

Chatting with host Jimmy Fallon, Kidman revealed she and co-star Meryl Streep (who played her character’s mother-in-law) were shooting a scene in which Kidman slaps Streep across the face. While Kidman wanted to ensure the slap looked real, she also “didn’t want to hurt her gorgeous delicate face!”

At the time, Kidman told Fallon, she and her fellow Oscar winner were deep into character.

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“We did so many takes. We were so into it, both of us, character wise. We were kind of circling each other at the time. She’d sit in one corner and I would sit in the other,” she explained.

‘When we came to do it, we did it a number of times,” she added. “But I knocked her glasses off by accident. Because I hit her!”

As it turned out, the accidental slap wound up making the series’ final cut.

“I think that is the one they used, if I remember correctly. Her glasses go askew!” said Kidman.

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“But I never hit her face,” she clarified. “I am pretty good with that. I have done that enough now!”

Later in the show, Kidman answered 50 rapid-fire yes-or-no questions about herself, revealing, among other things, that she was born in Hawaii, loves opera and prefers autumn to summer.