Naomi Watts Reveals Magpie Co-Star In ‘Penguin Bloom’ Pooped In Her Mouth

Naomi Watts will soon be seen in “Penguin Bloom”, a new Netflix movie based on the true story of Sam Bloom, left paralyzed from the chest down after an accident, who forms a healing bond with an injured magpie discovered by her children.

Filming scenes with a bird for a co-star, Watts revealed in an interview with The Age, did not come without its complications.

“It was very early on — possibly even the first day — and I was still getting warmed up to this whole experience of birds crawling all over me,” Watts explained, revealing the moment when she realized the bird had pooped on her head.

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“The bird was on my head and [the trickle] went all the way down my face and then – oh my god – it slipped warmly into my mouth,” she recalled. “It was the most horrific experience.”

Watts previously discussed working with a magpie when she discussed the film at a virtual TIFF press conference for “Penguin Bloom” in September.

“That was the thing that made me nervous,” Watts admitted. “‘How do we get a performance out of a bird?’ Magpies are famously not super friendly. It was concerning to me and [the animal trainers] walked me through it.”

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According to Watts, “small amounts of animatronics and CGI” were used in the film, but “90 per cent was true, real-life birds. And they absolutely stole the scenes every single day.”

“Penguin Bloom” debuts on Wednesday, Jan. 27.



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