Bill Maher has a message for Donald Trump during his final hours in the White House: “Pack your s**t and go.”

That’s the title of the faux children’s book that Bill Maher unveiled on Friday’s edition of “Real Time”, with the clock ticking until Wednesday’s inauguration and Joe Biden becomes the new resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“There’s no convincing Trump that he lost, but we thought we would try,” Maher told the audience.

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“We thought we’d take one last shot at it, and we wrote a children’s book. It’s called Pack Your S**t and Go. And we thought, it’s the last show while he’s president and I can s**t on this guy. I’ve tried to be even-handed the whole time he was president, but it didn’t work out. But would you like to hear some of Pack Your S**t and Go?”

Maher then proceeded to read from the Dr. Seuss spoof, with the full text as follows:

All the votes have been counted, all the courts have said no. You’re all out of options, now pack your s**t and go.

It’s clear that you’re angry, that you’re feeling quite low. That feeling’s called losing, so pack your s**t and go.

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Pick up a new hobby, like knitting or banjo. Call your favourite hooker, just pack your s**t and go.

Start a cable network, try talk radio. There’s an opening at Limbaugh, but you gotta pack your s**t and go.

Cuz you treated your job like a reality show. Well, now it’s been cancelled, so pack your s**t and go.