Mel C Gets Candid About Mental Health, ‘It’s So Important To Reach Out’

Mel C is getting candid about her mental health.

The Spice Girls singer spoke to “The Graham Norton Radio Show” on Virgin Radio about being diagnosed with depression almost 20 years ago, as well an eating disorder.

Mel C told her fans “never be embarrassed” to talk about mental health issues and how she also used to be “ashamed” about her depression.

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“I kept those secret and I think people are quite aware of it around you but they don’t know how to approach you,” she said. “I think I would have just said ‘people love you and care about you, please reach out to them’… So often you need that external help, you have to be ready, but you do need help and personally for me I needed professional help.”

She continued, “I’ve suffered with an eating disorder as well. I think a lot of people feel very ashamed and very embarrassed about it like it’s a weakness and you’ve lost this control. It’s so important to reach out and never, ever be embarrassed. We all have problems and concerns. People need people. If anybody close to me was going through it [depression], I think you just need to reach out when you’re depressed.”

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In another part of the interview, Mel C spoke about how despite her solo career, she will only be recognized as part of the girl group.

Adding, “When you’ve been part of something as enormous as the Spice Girls that’s the thing that everybody’s going to remember you for, but I’m so grateful that it’s enabled me to go on and make my eighth studio album.”

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