Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin sat down for a candid talk about infidelity.

The two invited Rachel Uchitel, best known as Tiger Woods’ mistress, on their podcast “Whine Down” to discuss not only Uchitel’s affair but Caussin’s cheating in the early days of their marriage.

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The “One Tree Hill” alum said that with Caussin’s mistresses, one was apologetic while another claimed, “it wasn’t anything.”

All Kramer wanted was for the second woman to “say you’re sorry, show some empathy… I don’t even remember hearing her say I’m sorry. I don’t know if that haunted me and made things worse. Feeling her say I’m sorry would have helped me heal a little bit.”

And having Uchitel on the podcast was no easy hurdle for Kramer. “I hate her. She’s the face of someone I would hate,” Kramer said.

The emotional podcast dove into “love addiction”, which the hostess said Dr. Drew told her was from her want for unattainable love. She also explained that a lot of sex addicts date other sex addicts and how that leads to more issues.

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“Hearing your story now, I get it… I think I just have so much hate for the other girls,” Kramer said before apologizing to Uchitel for judging her before meeting her.

“That’s why I did the documentary,” Uchitel responded. Then added, “I’m not out to steal anyone’s husband; I want my own husband.”

Uchitel, mom of daughter Wyatt, 8, and Kramer and Caussin, parents to Jolie, 4, and Jace, 2, also discussed how to bring up their past with their kids when they are old enough.

“I’ll definitely be talking to her about boys…I want to make sure that she’s picking the right friends and right people.. I’m really protective of her. I want to make sure I’m teaching her the right skills,” Uchitel said.