After acknowledging he impregnated socialite Lauren Silverman while she was still married to someone else, X Factor creator Simon Cowell revealed to a BBC morning show that he’s excited about his impending fatherhood.

“I am good with kids, because I like kids,”; Cowell told an interviewer on BBC One’s Breakfast show, which aired in the U.K. Tuesday morning. “I really do like them, and I listen to them.”;

Responding to a question about his initial reaction to finding out Silverman was pregnant with his child, Cowell admitted: “Once I got used to it, I did get excited… I think I will be a good dad, so I’m excited now.”;

Changing dirty diapers, however, is not on his agenda. “I’m not doing that,”; Cowell quipped. “I wouldn’t do that — 100 per cent absolutely not going near that.”;