Matt James discusses his type and what life was like before “The Bachelor” in a new interview for “Talking It Out with Mike & Bryan”.

James tells Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo of living in New York with his college friend, Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron, “When he moved to New York he came to live with me… six feet wide by 10 feet long, that’s how big my room was.

“We had bunk beds in there, we had a massive bean bag. We had the craziest setup, two grown men.

“Tyler’s like 6 ft 4, I’m 6 ft 5, just [in] this shoebox. We made it work,” he adds.

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The reality TV star talks about his type, telling the pair, “That’s easy: a down-to-earth, genuine person. And that is ambiguous of what you like, I’ve dated people who I’ve thought were beautiful and then I’ve dated people who other people would be like, ‘You’re dating her?’

“The people who they were skeptical about were the best relationships I had because they were caring, they were compassionate, we respected each other.

“What I’m looking for is someone who I can spend my life with.”

James also sets the record straight when talking about people commenting on him not dating Black women.

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He shares, “People for some reason think I don’t like Black women. The last women I’ve dated have all been Black women.

“I don’t understand why that’s so hard for people to understand,” insisting he dates all races.