Prince William Was Once Chased By A Police Dog At Queen Elizabeth’s Country Estate

Who let the dogs out…on Prince William?

Retiring police officer, PC Jon Chandler, apparently.

Chandler, who spent 30 years with the Norfolk Police, reflected on his 30 years in service with the Eastern Daily Press — including one eventful evening when his dog “went charging after” Prince William at Sandringham.

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“I had a particularly interesting night when I was walking my dog off the lead around the grounds and he chased after the future king of England,” Chandler revealed.

“It was late at night and Prince William was walking towards the garages and the dog picked up his scent and went charging after him.”

Prince William is said to have taken the incident “in good jest.”

“It could have gone horribly wrong if he was bitten, but fortunately the dog did what it was supposed to do, and just stood back and barked at him,” Chandler recalled. “It was a memorable night.”

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Prince William isn’t the only royal to have been mistaken for a trespasser, Queen Elizabeth once had a close call.

The Times reported a guard at Buckingham Palace once confused her for an intruder during a late night walk.

“Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you,” the guard reportedly told her after realizing his mistake.

“That’s quite all right,” she responded. “Next time I’ll ring through beforehand so you don’t have to shoot me.”

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