Dua Lipa Responds To Those Pregnancy Rumours During ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Interview

Dua Lipa has set the record straight regarding those pregnancy rumours.

The singer chatted with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, with the host asking her about a recent picture she posted that sparked an online frenzy.

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Lipa shared a snap of herself posing alongside numerous emojis, including baby bottles, an angel, and a teddy bear, leading the internet to believe she was pregnant with her first baby.

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The musician, who is dating Anwar Hadid, told Kimmel of the pic, “I like finding little random emojis, like a little baby bottle or angels and sparkles. Random.

“I really didn’t think this through and I posted it and then I look at the comments and somebody says, ‘Is she pregnant?’ And I look at the picture, I look at the comment, I look at the picture, I look at the comment, and I’m like, ‘Surely, I don’t look pregnant?’”

Lipa continued: “And then I see that people have been writing stories saying that I posted some cryptic message that I might be announcing my pregnancy.

“And I’m just like, ‘Oh my God, these emojis have come to bite me in the a**.’”

She insisted, “I’m not pregnant, just to clear it up.”

Lipa also discussed an awkward moment while interviewing Gwen Stefani when she referred to “Blake Stefani” as her husband, as well as her Grammy nominations and being superstitious. See more in the clip above.

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