Jodie Sweetin is getting real about her relationship with food.

The “Full House” actress, 39, joined the “Alec Mapa: Hot Mess With Matthew Dempsey Psychotherapist” podcast and discussed how stress and anxiety can affect her food intake, something that had gotten worse since the beginning of the pandemic.

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“It’s funny, of course as I posted all these pictures after I lost all this weight through stress and ‘Oh you look great!’… Yeah, it didn’t come about in a super healthy way,” Sweetin explained.

Later putting it plainly, “I’m not a stress eater, I’m a stress starver.”

“So when there’s anxiety or stress going on or chaos or whatever, I completely lose my appetite and I’m so out of touch with what my own body needs because I’m just in this hyper state of anxiety and alert,” she continued, revealing she quickly lost 10 pounds. “It caused me to go back and look at that in different periods of my life and realize that I had had food issues. I was always like, ‘Nah, food is never my thing.'”

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Adding, “I realized it was these little intermittent bouts of food control. And stress control.”

Sweetin also revealed she spoke to a nutritionist during this time.

Listen below for Sweetin’s full interview.