Crystal and Detox of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” talk backlash over performing during the pandemic.

Detox joined the Canadian drag queen on the inaugural episode of her “Things That Made Me Queer” podcast, from the Emmy-winning media company World of Wonder, and opened up about the backlash she received after performing a show in Georgia despite following COVID-19 protocols at the venue.

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“Ideally, I wouldn’t be back on the road – I don’t want to put myself at risk, I don’t want to put my family at risk – but after being unemployed for seven months and dwindling my savings… ” Detox recalled. “I mean I would have rathered not having to take work but I was promised that [the gig] was going to be socially distanced, that there was going to be sectioned off places in the bar and that everyone was going to be encouraged to wear masks.”

“But unfortunately, the gig was in Georgia… where you aren’t mandated to wear masks. I was told there was only going to be 250 people there,” she added. “I was told all these things that obviously didn’t happen.”

And the backlash hit Detox hard, “With the platform I have it makes me look like I was acting irresponsible.”

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Crystal added, “I think the biggest trick the government plays on us is making us blame individuals in cases like this, rather than actually looking at who is allowing that to happen.”

“We all just need to cut each other some slack.”

New episodes of “Things That Make Me Queer” will drop weekly on all podcast streaming services. Listen to the first episode below: