Camila Cabello is stepping up for the mental health of America’s front-line activists as they work toward achieving social justice.

According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, the “Havana” singer is partnering with non-profit Movement Voter Fund to launch the Healing Justice Project, which will find 10 worthwhile organizations to receive grants that will cover the costs of mental-health resources for their frontline activists.

Movement Voter Fund, notes THR, is “a charitable nonprofit that connects donors to grassroots organizations,” and is teaming with Cabello to launch the Healing Justice Project.

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Cabello kicked things off by donating the seed money, and then matched all funds raised so far; the first round of grants reportedly totals close to $250,000, and she’s pledged to keep donating and fundraising.

As THR reports, the Healing Justice Project partially inspired by conversations that Cabello had with California’s surgeon general, Nadine Burke Harris, about the toll of “toxic stress” (described as “prolonged activation of the body’s stress response systems”) was taking on activists, including Latinx Racial Equity Project founder Ana Perez and Jerry Tello, founder of the racial equity group National Compadres Network.

“I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of years, and especially this past year home during the pandemic, in constant reflection, learning and exploring the ways I have contributed to systems and beliefs that actively oppress others,” Cabello told THR.

“I’ve realized there’s so much more I can and must do to support others who are doing the work to heal our communities,” she continued. “Grassroots organizers are faced with the exhaustion, emotional burden, and trauma that comes with fighting against inequitable systems. Our hope is to offer access to the necessary support they may need as they continue their critical work advocating for social justice.”

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“In the past year, a global pandemic, an overt rise in white nationalist attacks and a deeply fractious presidential election have placed challenges on organizers and activists in ways that will be felt for the long haul,” added MVF senior director Syd Yang. “Unfortunately, they often don’t get adequate support. Our partnership with Camila Cabello on the Healing Justice Project will help fill that gap and allow us to expand our support of BIPOC organizers and raise awareness about the care that is needed to drive sustainable and just social change.”