Michael Bublé spoke about the future of music post-coronavirus in a new interview with Yahoo! Finance.

The Canadian crooner insisted that when it’s safe enough to do so, artists will take to the stage once again to resume some kind of normal.

Bublé shared, “There’s as great or greater hunger for music than there’s ever been.

“There’s a necessity. I mean, music brings us together in uncertain times. It always has, it always will.”

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The singer said he believes that “things are going to get back to a normal, whatever that normal is.”

Bublé, who was recently forced to reschedule his “An Evening With Michael Bublé” tour for the second time, moving it to August 13, added he’s been enjoying spending quality time with his family throughout the pandemic.

He told the publication, “It’s been the greatest time of my life… in other years, I would have been out on the road… I probably would have missed my daughter walking for the first time or the first word or a lot of things, birthdays… and I have been there for every, every second.”

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Bublé added that once it’s safe again and most have access to the coronavirus vaccine, people will come together once more.

“It gets down to a very basic level in humanity. Humans are not supposed to be alone,” he explained.

“We are supposed to congregate, we’re built to be in church together, we’re built to eat together, to speak together, to cry together, to love together. And so there’s no possible way that we won’t continue something that is inherently human.”

Bublé added of the pandemic, “When we look back, I hope that we learned so many valuable lessons about about how to treat each other, how to love each other, and I hope we learn about mercy.

“It’s a rotten time to be a celebrity, because of a lack of self-awareness that so many have showed through a time when I think we need to be at our most sensitive.”