Fitzgerald Grant’s presidency probably would have benefited from social distancing. Alas, we’ll never know how the “Scandal” crew would have handled these unprecedented times, but outside Shondaland, Tony Goldwyn was on hand to host President Joe Biden’s virtual Inauguration Day parade.

“I gotta tell you, I played a president on TV a few years ago,” he said at the top of the Parade Across America broadcast, “and I never got a parade from Shonda Rhimes anything like the one you’re going to see today.”

A former (TV) president helping inaugurate our new (real life) president? Well, that was enough for “Scandal” hive to put on their white hats and unleash their Twitter fingers. Because if there is anything “Scandal” fans have handled, it’s social reax.

“Scandal” may be over, but “Scandal” Twitter lives on. Enjoy:

Even Olivia Pope herself, Kerry Washington, gave an RT for the occasion:


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