There are some imposters infiltrating “WWE Raw”.

In a clip from Monday night’s episode, The Miz and John Morrison’s talk show segment, “Dirt Sheet”, is interrupted by wrestler Goldberg… sort of.

Instead far punier wrestler Dwayne “Gillberg” Gill strode over, pretending to be Goldberg.

He was then joined by a not-even-close facsimile of Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre, played by actor David Krumholtz, known for his role as head elf Bernard in “The Santa Clause”.

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The shirtless Krumholtz, sporting a tartan kilt and flowing wig (which dropped off his head as he fondled his faux hair), entered carrying a teensy version of McIntyre’s signature sword while displaying a far less chiseled physique than the actual McIntyre.

“I am Drew McIntyre,” Krumholtz declared in a dodgy Scottish accent, challenging fake Goldberg. “And I am here to meet my opponent face to face.”

After The Miz reminds the pair that “this is a classy talk show,” he asks Krumholtz if he has anything to add.

“I’m gonna kick your a** back to 1998, and then I’m going to go home and eat some haggis,” Krumholtz told his opponent.

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Krumholtz later took to social media to express his appreciation for his WWE appearance.