Josh Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton’s family is getting bigger and bigger.

In a new interview with Mr Porter, the “Pearl Harbor” star confirmed for the first time that he and partner Tamsin Egerton welcomed their third child.

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Revealing that the now-one-year-old child was born at the end of 2019, Hartnett said, “The thing I am most proud of is that I’m a father of three and I have a good relationship with my partner and a great family life and I’m still able to do good work and, as I’ve got older, the characters have become more interesting.”

Hartnett and Egerton, who began dating in 2012, welcomed their first child back in 2015 and their second in 2017. They live together in the U.K.

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Talking about life with his kids during the coronavirus lockdown, the 42-year-old said, “We’ve been trying to keep them occupied as best we can, but it’s a lot of work and it takes both of us all day and by the end of it all we want to do is reach for a bottle of wine and go to sleep.”