Yara Shahidi Says She’s Had ‘A Really Fun Prep Process’ To Play Tinker Bell In Live-Action ‘Peter Pan’

Yara Shahidi is very excited to take on the Tinker Bell mantle.

Appearing Thursday on “Good Morning America”, the 20-year-old actress talked about getting ready to play the iconic role in Disney’s upcoming live-action “Peter Pan and Wendy”.

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Revealing that her prep has been “fun and a bit absurd,” Shahidi said, “I know my brother, who is my theoretical next door roommate, has heard me puttering around my room trying to figure out, ‘How does Tinker Bell walk? How does she land?'”

She added, “But it’s been a really fun prep process.”

Talking about how technology will augment her performance, Shahidi explained, “I’ve started the kind of motion capture of it all and we’re just trying to figure out how we portray Tinker Bell and she’s gonna be like five inches tall on-screen. But we’ve had a really fun time and preparation has ranged from running through lines to creating playlists.”

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Shahidi’s casting as Tinker Bell was announced in September.

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