Stanley Tucci On His 20-Year Friendship With Colin Firth: ‘We Don’t Seem To Really Get Bored Of Each Other’

Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth have an amazing relationship.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the Tucci talked about his new film “Supernova”, co-starring Firth, and their 20-year friendship.

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“We met 20 years ago when we were doing ‘Conspiracy’, which was a movie for HBO where we played Nazi [officials],” the actor said. “And me and Colin, we just sort of hit it off and we stayed friends ever since. Even when we were separated for long periods of time — maybe we would run into each other at a film festival; he’d come to New York, or I’d go work in London — we always stayed in touch.”

The two only grew closer following the death of Tucci’s first wife Kate from cancer in 2009, which prompted him to move with his three children to London.

“When I started living here, we became even closer and our kids became close and our families became close,” Tucci said. “We’ve seen each other through some very difficult times that each of us have had personally. Things like that only make your relationship deeper, richer.”

Talking about filming their new movie, Tucci said that the friends practically lived together as a couple “with the exception of sleeping together.”

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“We don’t seem to get really bored of each other, unless he’s just being polite,” said Tucci. Marvelling at how much time they’ve spent together in the last 20 years, Tucci said that the actors really “should have” grown tired with each other by now. Because, he laughed, “I’ve got news for you: Neither of us are that interesting.”

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