Olivia Jade Giannulli is officially back on YouTube after a one-year hiatus following the college admissions scandal.

Giannulli, 21, returned to her 1.86 million subscribers on Thursday in a video titled, “Daily vlog x olivia jade”. Giannulli described her intentions moving forward and touched briefly on the scandal involving her parents: Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli.

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“I am really excited because obviously I haven’t filmed in a really long time and I’m just grateful to be back on YouTube and I’m really excited for you guys to watch this video,” she said at the beginning of the video. ” I wanted to film this little intro part just because I didn’t want to like just start the vlog and me not address anything.”

“Obviously did my ‘Red Table Talk’ interview and I think if you have any questions for me or you have anything to say or you’re like, why are you back? You can go watch that interview,” Giannulli continued. “I think I kind of disclosed what I thought I needed to say on there.”

Giannulli expressed that her desire to move forward is for the benefit of her mental health.

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“I don’t mean to say that in a dismissive way or a pretentious way Just for my own mental sanity, I don’t want to keep rehashing things,” she explained. ” I just want to move on and do better and move forward and come back and do what I love, which is YouTube. So you don’t have to watch, nobody’s forcing you.”

The Internet personality also noted that a portion of the ad revenue moving forward will be donated to “a charity I work with and really admire.”