‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ Welcomes 6-Year-Old Whose Weather Reports Have Kept St. Louis Smiling

A six-year-old’s weather reports have been putting a smile on the faces of residents of St. Louis, earning him a visit to “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

Every morning except Saturdays, Noah Jelenovic has been taking to his Instagram account to deliver an energetic and undeniably adorable weather report.

“I’m feeling really happy and excited to make people happy,” Noah said in an interview. “I like being happy and I want people to be happy.”

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Kelly Clarkson has become a fan, and invited the first-grader and his mom Shanique Jelenovic for a virtual visit to her show.

The future meteorologist’s mother explained how her son came to take an interest in weather.

“When everything shut down for the pandemic, Noah downloaded every game imaginable from the app store, I would get notifications at 3 a.m. in the morning, here’s $2.99, here’s $4.99 for a game he had purchased. And I was like, ‘Let’s take a pause on the game,'” the boy’s mother told Clarkson.

“And so, the only thing he had with animation close to his games was the weather app,” she continued. “So he got really into the weather app, and he would just check the weather every day.”

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He ended the segment by giving Clarkson a forecast for her neck of the woods, declaring it would be “cloudy with a high of 67 degrees” in Los Angeles, dropping to 47 Fahrenheit in the evening.

“So a bit on the cooler side,” he advised.




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