Charles Barkley Apologizes After Facing Backlash Over COVID-19 Vaccine Comments: ‘It Was A Stupid Thing To Say’

Charles Barkley is apologizing after being slammed on social media over some comments he made about the coronavirus vaccine last week.

The former professional basketball player said during an episode of “Inside the NBA” that he thought professional athletes should be among the first to receive the vaccine.

However, he’s now clarifying those comments, speaking to Ellen DeGeneres during her show Friday.

Barkley shares, “I said something last week… whether I believe it or not it was a stupid thing to say.

“We have no idea how, playing sports, is going to have an affect on you down the line if you get this virus. If you’re going to try and play basketball I think they should get the shot.

“But I made it seem like they were more important than other people and they are not. It came off stupid and I apologize if anybody was offended.”

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The Basketball Hall of Famer continues, “But like I say, I want my players to be safe. We have no idea how this thing is going to affect people in 10/20/30 years.”

Barkley also discusses Wednesday’s inauguration, telling DeGeneres: “I just hope we can come together, it’s been a rough four years.”

He adds of whether he’s ever thought about running for office, “Yeah I thought about it then I saw how much they make and I do not want to make that type of money, I’m going to stick to TV where I’m getting paid a lot.”

Barkley’s appearance also sees him pay tribute to his friend Kobe Bryant as the year anniversary of his tragic death approaches, as well as sending his prayers to the other families who lost loved ones in the horrific helicopter crash.

Plus, since the star has never been one to hold back his opinions, DeGeneres asks for his take on topics like going commando, his pal Shaquille O’Neal, social media, and Elvis Presley impersonators. See more in the clip below.

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