Rufus Wainwright Sets All Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Nicknames For Donald Trump To Song

Donald Trump has had a lot of hilarious nicknames over the years.

On Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host welcomed singer Rufus Wainwright for a very special performance dedicated to the former president of the United States.

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Wainwright began, “Let’s raise a glass my friend, America is great again/To celebrate the last four years, the laughs we’ve had and many tears/We send off Number 45 with names he was called on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!'”

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The singer put all those nicknames to song, including classics like “Donny Boo Boo”, “Cheeto Chief”, “Commander in Beef”, “Donny Bone Spurs”, “Grab-A** Grandpa”, “Abrascam Lincoln” and many more.

“Thank God we’re finally done with this sh**,” he sang to close things out.

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