Soulja Boy Sued By Former Personal Assistant Over Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Rapper Soulja Boy is facing serious allegations.

According to the Guardian, 30-year-old Soulja, whose real name is DeAndre Way, is being sued by a former personal assistant who has accused him of sexual assault and other abuse.

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The suit claims that Way locked the unnamed woman in a room for three days and raped her repeatedly. The claimant also alleges that he abused her physically and verbally, along with withholding payment.

The woman’s lawyer said she was “traumatized and filled with fear” by Way and that she is seeking damages in a jury trial.

In a statement, a rep for Way denied the allegations: “He wouldn’t beat a woman or put his hands on a woman … this is nonsense.”

According to the suit, the woman started working for Way in 2018 before developing a romantic relationship in January 2019. The alleged abuse is said to have begun the following month and continued until August 2020.

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Way was convicted in 2014 of illegal possession of a firearm, and in 2016, had time added to his probation after other offences.

In 2019 he was sentenced again to eight months in prison after violating probation. He served three months before being released.

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