Carey Mulligan Says Lip-Syncing Alongside Britney Spears In ‘Promising Young Woman’ Was A ‘Bucket List’ Achievement

Carey Mulligan can tick one big life goal off her bucket list, thanks to her new movie “Promising Young Woman”.

As the Daily Mail reports, the actress appeared on Friday’s edition of “The Graham Norton Show” to plug her latest film, directed by Emerald Fennell (who took over showrunning duties on “Killing Eve” from Phoebe Waller-Bridge and also portrays Camilla Parker-Bowles on “The Crown”).

“It’s so good to be in a film that is so dark, but fun at the same time,” Mulligan told host Graham Norton.

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“Britney Spears is in it and there is a whole scene where we lip-sync to Paris Hilton — a bucket list thing for me!” she declared.

Admitting the film is “hard to describe,” she added, “It is the best script I had read. It is amazing and it’s so many things – romantic comedy, thriller, revenge road movie.”

In the dark comedy, Mulligan plays a woman who deals with an unspecified trauma from her past by entrapping toxic males to exact revenge.

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“It’s full of comedians — I am the only person who’s not funny in the whole thing and on the third day of filming, I was like, ‘Is this your life all the time, just laughing? What have I been doing? Just terribly sad films!’ It was great and I had so much fun.”


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