Ben Affleck And Sacha Baron Cohen Talk On-Screen Nudity, ‘Borat’ And Changing As Actors

In the latest instalment of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series, Ben Affleck and Sacha Baron Cohen sit down for a chat about their careers, and they got started with a NSFW topic.

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“So obviously, you’re a two-time Academy Award winner, a multiple Golden Globe winner, you were nominated for best depiction of nudity, sexuality or seduction by the Alliance of Women Film Journalists in ‘Gone Girl.’ What did that mean to you?” Cohen asked Affleck.

“Wow. Everyone dreams of that,” Affleck joked.

Cohen wondered, “Were you furious when you didn’t win?”

“I mean you do so much frontal, you’ve been so naked, and yet you were overlooked,” Affleck told the “Borat” star.

“Yeah, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists never saw what I saw in the mirror,” Cohen said.

“I noticed in the past, when you blacked out your penis, it was 14 inches. Now, how close to the truth was that really?” Affleck asked.

Quickly changing the subject, Cohen joked, “I feel like we’re veering away. Tell me about your Batman!”

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Cohen also talked about “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”, and its infamous scene in which Rudy Giuliani was caught with his hands down his pants in a hotel room with an actress pretending to be a journalist.

“I was hoping for the movie they would,” he said of whether he expected them to go into the hotel bedroom. “But also, you know this as a producer and a director, I have an actress there who I need to look after and protect as well. We’re putting her in a situation with a powerful man who may or may not have been in this situation before. And then eventually I basically ran in, but I had no idea that he was on the bed.”

Affleck, meanwhile, discussed how becoming a director has affected his performances.

“I’ve kind of changed as an actor, my approach, particularly from before and after I started directing, because it was really instructive,” he said. “I learned more about acting from directing than I did from acting classes. There’s something really valuable about being on the other side, and seeing what works and what doesn’t. And what you can do editorially, and just getting used to the sound of your own fucking stupid voice… I feel like my own acting, at least by my own standards, has gotten better as I’ve gotten older, and had more life experiences and had more stuff to access.”

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