Carmen Electra paid a virtual visit to “The Wendy Williams Show”, and gave some hope to “Baywatch” fans anxious for a reboot.

Host Wendy Williams brought up the topic, asking if she’d be willing to participate in a new iteration of the 1990s hit.

“I would do a reboot, absolutely. I’m down. I’m down to do it,” said Electra, who played lifeguard Lani McKenzie during the show’s eighth season.

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Electra pointed out that filming the show was more hazardous than it may have seemed to viewers.

“It does get a little dangerous in those waters, though,” she continued. “I mean to be honest, we would shoot scenes and we’d jump in the water and the stunt coordinator would run over and say, ‘Listen, there are sharks in these waters, so just do your best.’ And we’re trying to swim, and I don’t know anyone who wants to necessarily randomly swim with sharks.”

Added Electra: “We did our best. It was a very physical job.”

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Williams also asked about rumours that Electra and Pamela Anderson (who left the show prior to Electra’s single season) didn’t get along.

“We’ve never had a problem,” Electra said of Anderson. “I mean, we would just sort of meet each other randomly, and she was always very nice to me, and I look up to her. I think that she is the No. 1 beauty of our time.”