Elisabeth Shue is sending advice to her younger self. 

The 57-year-old “Cobra Kai” star regrets being so hard on herself when she was a budding actress. 

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Shue starred in 1984’s “Karate Kid” alongside Ralph Macchio. 

She later went on to feature in movies like “Cocktail”, alongside Tom Cruise, and “Back To The Future”. 

However, the actress believes that she cared too much about “what other people thought” back then.

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Revealing the advice that she would tell her younger self, Shue said, “I would tell her to not expect so much, and not care so much what other people thought of her. I think that was pretty detrimental to my soul, all those years of caring so much what people thought of you.”

Speaking on the “ID10T with Chris Hardwick” podcast, she continued, “I would tell her that, for sure. And then I would tell her that it’s OK to just be who you are. To be somebody who’s not caring about the business, to be somebody who doesn’t know how to wear dresses properly and is clueless about all the things that I was clueless about.”

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Shue is now a mom to Miles, 23, Stella, 19, and Agnes, 14, with husband Davis Guggenheim.

Shue added, “I think I beat myself up so much when I was younger because I expected so much out of myself and was constantly comparing myself and wondering what everyone thought of me. I would just say, ‘Just accept where you are and just enjoy the moments of working with all these really interesting people. That’s all it’s going to be. That’s it.'”